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“There MUST be a better way!”

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Data vault modeling and, consequently, DW automation have gained plenty of momentum lately. One of the explaining factors is data vault modeling’s suitability for governance and auditing, which by regulation but also due to business needs is of growing importance. Data vault modeling has very distinctive advantages, which is obvious as it is the preferred methodology in many cases. But data vault modelling poses some challenges for developers as well. The models can be quite complex, and they create massive amounts of repetitive, routine tasks.

A typical example of the above would be the task of creating table templates. Change management of these templates is typically carried out manually, which causes great dependency on the work of an individual developer. This working methodology is also painstaking and slow, not to mention prone to error.

As ADA is created by developers, for developers – we are here to tell there is a better way! ADA has the change management readily available, enabling all developers to follow best practices as they load the necessary changes. Furthermore, ADA fully supports the maintaining the full history of the data and its management. After all, it is ADA’s product mission to automate most tasks related to the development and maintenance of data platforms.

You can get acquainted with ADA at Azure Marketplace – or contact us for more information or a demo!