Data Platform Automation

Our SaaS solution Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA) boosts up the use of data assets for business purposes. It offers a fast track to efficient use of Azure’s data platform and supports companies in exploiting the full potential of their data. All companies produce enormous amounts of data as by-products of their business processes. This data has to be classified, merged and refined to make best use of it.

Most development work related to building new analytics solutions can be automated. ADA offers companies and organizations a solution for automation of data platform solutions. It simplifies the development process, guarantees uniform and standardized quality and minimizes manual, routine tasks. See more details of ADA.

Less time, costs and risks – more competitive edge

According to our estimations, ADA can speed up the development of new analytic solutions by up to 70%. Fast prototyping and native support for agile ways of working result in faster time from development to deployment, enabling even 20-fold faster time-to-market. In case of business-critical solutions, this definitely helps the customers to gain competitive edge. Less manual work and shorted projects are directly reflected to consulting costs, which can be cut down significantly. Project risks are also reduced by straight-forward and more predictable development tasks. Automated code generation makes data work less prone to human errors. The traceability of data is improved: built-in, transparent data lineage is generated automatically and maintained by the tool. The customer can always tell where the data is coming from and where it is used.

Proven in customer projects

ADA has been important part of successfully implemented data warehousing projects in many projects in Finland and in Sweden since 2018. See some of our customer stories from different fields of business.