Energy Sector Customer​

ADA enabled efficient transition to a new data platform

Epical’s customer in the energy sector was building a new data platform. Epical used Qivada’s Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA) for efficient work in this transition.

The company started its journey for building a new data platform by tendering a few different cloud services and data warehouse tools. It chose Microsoft reference architecture and Qivada’s ADA, which is fully compatible with it.

“ADA provided agility to the development work. We started the transition with ADA by modelling how the data loadings must be done and documented, and what should be achieved. This enabled a quick jump to the implementation”, says Epical’s Ari Rämö, responsible for the architecture in this project.

ADA is an essential tool for data work

The company is using all three features offered by ADA – Data Flow, Work Flow and Data Editor – in the production environment. ADA is a central tool: practically all data work is carried out with it.

ADA is used for data loadings in Data Lake and Data Vault, and for managing load chains. ADA speeds up the loadings, which can be done through a graphic user interface. It straightens out routine work, and helps to manage different versions
Heikki Pekkala
Data Warehouse developer at Epical

Faster work with less errors

ADA has proven to be an efficient tool for development. Compared to the traditional way of doing loadings with SSIS, ADA speeds up the work significantly. Something that would previously have taken 3-4 hours can now be done in about an hour.

“The loadings follow the same pattern. This reduces the risk of human error. Also, the work is more cost-effective, since the loadings take so much less time”, says Pekkala.

ADA enables dynamic development

The development work has been intensive during the project. In the beginning of 2023, the company is moving to small development mode.

“The goals in the development work have not always been clear – we have done some experiments with data as well. ADA works fine for prototyping”, says Epical’s Data Lead Petri Alho.

ADA offers clear documentation, which is also a plus, especially for troubleshooting. “If we need to take a deeper look into a loading, it is easy to understand it. This helps for solving any problem”, Pekkala says.

“Previously, the customer did not have any tool for doing this or for monitoring the loadings centrally. This has clearly improved with ADA”, Alho adds.