Customer Stories

Marko Lähde
Marko LähdeBusiness Solutions Director at Basware
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In 2019, Basware started to build a new data warehouse with Azure data platform solutions, and chose Epical as their partner for implementation. Qivada’s Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA) has been an essential part of this work.

Mikko Lehtinen
Mikko LehtinenData Manager at Otava Oy
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In 2019, Otava started a financial development project that aimed to improve the master data and reporting at different levels, among other things. The new data warehouse implemented by Epical is an important part of the development. Analytics Data Accelerator (ADA) played a major role in the implementation of the data warehouse.

Mika Koivisto
Mika KoivistoData Warehouse developer at Epical
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Neste Engineering Solutions (NES) decided to move its on-premise data warehouse to cloud, and chose its long-time partner Epical to carry out this transformation. At the same time, NES upgraded its tool for managing load chains to Qivada’s Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA).

Hanna MarjanenSoftware Engineer at Kojamo
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Kojamo is Finland’s largest private residential real estate company, with a mission to create better urban housing. To succeed in this, Kojamo needs a lot of data. This led the company to move its data warehouse to the cloud. Epical helped in this transition, and created data loadings with Qivada’s Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA). Now, it’s Kojamo’s own personnel that continues this work with ADA.

Heikki Pekkala
Heikki PekkalaData Warehouse developer at Epical
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ADA is used for data loadings in Data Lake and Data Vault, and for managing load chains. ADA speeds up the loadings, which can be done through a graphic user interface. It straightens out routine work, and helps to manage different versions.

Abdulrahman Alassadi
Abdulrahman AlassadiData Warehouse developer at Cary Group’s team
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ADA is easy to use, also for junior developers. Instead of writing code manually, the user can choose the type of data loading and ADA generates the code automatically. This means that everyone has the same way of working and it is easier to integrate the work of different people. Also, thanks to ADA’s archives, it is easy to roll back to the previous version whenever necessary.

Jouko PeltonenSenior System Manager at Technopolis
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Technopolis started to use ADA originally for load chain management in the spring of 2023. The migration from the previous product was easy and carried out without issues during normal reporting operations period, says Jouko Peltonen, Senior System Manager responsible for internal reporting and ERP.