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Licensing Made Simple – or Licensing Made for Commitment?

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Most customers find software licensing complex and software assets time-consuming to manage. One of the main reasons is that all software publishers have their own licensing metrics, while the customer is left to cope with all of them.

Commercial packaging around software has gone through a revolution in the past 15 years, too. SaaS as a delivery method was supposed to simplify the licensing landscape for customers and enable cost savings as well.

However, SaaS offers little benefits to customers from licensing optimization perspective. Most software companies still expect customers to make commitments to features, packaging, contract periods or other parameters that exceed the actual rate of usage. Gartner predicts that by 2024, 60% of leaders will encounter public cloud cost overruns that hurt their other investments!

The commercial hangover of over-committing in the cloud is starting to dawn on customers. To address this headache, we have licensed ADA truly pay-as-you-go. While modules have payment caps to keep costs predictable and well under control, the costs scale down if you are busy with things other than ADA. In short, when your team in on summer vacation, so is our invoicing.   To learn how our licensing works, visit our cost calculator page here.