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Interchangeable Ingredients in the Kitchen

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Many people love cooking. For them, it’s often highly pleasurable to cater to family and friends, and see their faces light up as they enjoy the meal together. But what if a family member develops an allergy to a key ingredient of your signature dish? You will quickly consider replacing such ingredient.

Similarly, any owner of a service-oriented architecture of contemporary design should be prepared to swiftly react to allergies or even an unexpected distaste – and that’s where composable architecture comes to play. Its main feature and advantage is the interchangeability of components.

True vendor lock-ins of the monolith past are not the main concern today, as “SaaSification” of the landscape has deeply changed the dynamics in the marketplace. One could argue that there are no vendor-locks, only the question of how much time and money does it take to get rid of an ingredient you have developed your allergy to. A great procurement practice is to always evaluate the interchangeability of any technology beforehand – the swappability index, if you will.

ADA supports the idea of composability as far as technologically possible. The leading idea behind its product development is to support interchangeability throughout the data management landscape. In other words, not only is ADA interchangeable itself, but it supports the interchangeability of other components deployed in data operations as well. In this DataOps kitchen, interchangeability is the main ingredient. Contact us to learn our secret recipe!