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The Data Economy Natives Needed This Yesterday!

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Most companies recognize the necessity to swiftly respond to the fast-evolving needs of business lines as well as administrative changes as mandated by the government. While we have entered the era of data economy, a good number of projects or even operative change requests are data driven.

A great topical example of such a data driven opportunity is AI and its application in the business processes of an organization. The leading service providers in the area publicly report that harnessing AI to benefit business processes is usually hindered by the quality of data and their customers’ inability to perform in an agile way on their own data platforms.

Although a hot topic, AI is only a drop in the ocean. Organizations will again and again find that traditional approach to developing and managing data platforms create lag that no modern business is willing to accept from a competitive viewpoint.

That’s where ADA comes out to play. With the high degree of automation enabled by ADA, the development time and ability to respond to these ever-changing business needs is ten times faster than before. A brand-new use application of the existing data has its time-to-adoption cut down by over 70%.

Having the flexibility and agility enabled by automation is the only way any organization can dream of being in the forefront of successful operators in the era of data economy. ADA and Qivada are here to enable that for you, too.