ADA is migrating to new domain Current domain will be retired 30.4.2022.

Required Actions for ADA End User

  • Verify that you can sign in to new location using address
    • It is expected that the sign in requests authorization. You can request the authorization with the provided dialog that will be displayed. Notice that you cannot complete sign in process at this point because sign in is not yet authorized by your organization’s Azure Active Directory administrator.
    • You should receive e-mail from request being made (within few hours) and another e-mail when request is granted. If request is not granted you should contact your organization’s IT-department for assistance. If required contact for further assistance.
    • Notice that if migration process is not yet completed you can see ADA tenant card with description “! Migration is not completed !”. A page not found error is displayed if tenant is accessed before migration is completed. In this case ADA tenant is available at
    • Notice sign in page is different and work/social sign in options are now at marked area:

Required Actions for Azure Active Directory Administrator

  • Grant permissions and access with Azure portal
    • Open
    • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications. Find and select ADA application with Application ID “cbae2681-053b-4779-a5be-8a2620859469” and Homepage URL “”
    • Navigate to Security > Permissions. Click “Grant admin consent for <Directory name>”
      • Following claims should be admin consented: openid, email, profile
    • Navigate to Manage > Properties. Change “Assignment required?” from Yes to No
      • With this authorization does not need to be granted for each user individually

Required Actions for ADA Workflow Manager

  • Change firewall rules to allow new ADA public IP address if required
    • ADA public IP address changes from to
    • The IP address might be authorized e.g. in following Azure resources:
      • Azure Analysis Services
      • Azure Synapse Analytics
      • Azure SQL Server
  • Reconfigure ADA on-premise integration runtime(s) if required
    • Open ADA portal
    • Navigate to System > On-Premise Connector and recreate any connector that is of type “ADA Integration Runtime”
    • Reconfigure related ADA workflow objects
    • Reconfigure related ADA on-premise integration runtime(s) on on-premise side