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Why Cast Iron for Your Hammer Yourself?

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As established, ADA is – among other things – an accelerator for developing data platforms.
When it comes to accelerators of many kinds (be it on integrations, e-commerce, collaboration platforms etc.), we first tend to think about developing new solutions and things that are shiny and new.

But equally valuable outcomes can be achieved when such an accelerator is an engine for streamlining current operations and abolishing repetitive tasks from day-to-day workloads. This would all fall under the category of continuous improvement.

While some highly skilled individuals wish to write their own pieces of code by hand, equally professional data engineers may find that an accelerative engine such as ADA can remove plenty of frustration from the workday.

As we talk to our partners, data engineers report to appreciate the speed of light in troubleshooting when assisted by ADA. Furthermore, the visuality and reliance on dependencies enable faster resolution of problems, but above all pre-emptively alert when not all criteria for a successful procedure are met.

If you plan to build a house, there is no need to cast iron for your hammer – someone has enabled your building efforts with readily available hammers already. A significant amount of time is saved when you can start hitting your nails on the head from day one.

The same goes for data platform development and management with the help of ADA.