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Automate Snowflake routines using ADA

Qivada ADA support for Snowflake is now in preview.

With ADA you can easily generate data warehouse routines, handle you deployment process, manage and monitor workflows. All in full SAAS service using only web portal.

Snowflake support enables customers to:

  1. Document, build and deploy data warehouse loaders targeting Snowflake with Qivada ADA Data Flow -module. Both dimensional model and Data Vault 2.0 model are supported.
  2. Edit live data in Snowflake with Qivada ADA Data Editor -module. A common use case is to enter and modify related process control data or analytical master data.
  3. Orchestrate and monitor data warehouse loads over multiple clouds and resources with Qivada ADA Workflow -module.

Technically Qivada ADA implements Snowflake data warehouse loads with Azure Synapse Analytics (Pipelines) or Azure Data Factory V2. As always, the implemented data warehouse loaders will be located at customer’s own Azure subscription and Qivada ADA remains a no-vendor-lock solution. Example architecture with Qivada ADA and Snowflake data warehouse is described on the figure below.

Numbered items on the figure above:

  1. Define and generate data flows with Data Flow -module using easy-to-use user interface
  2. Use parameterizable ADA templates to work with Azure Databricks. Implement archive, change data capture (CDC) and data delivery on top of Azure Data Lake Storage with provided Azure Databricks Notebook templates
  3. Orchestrate and control data platform loads with ADA Workflow -module and use ADA Data Editor -module to modify live data e.g. analytical master data or configuration data
  4. Document data lineage into Azure Purview with ADA Workflow -module. Utilize repositories with ADA Data Flow -module deployments to safeguard implementation and track changes
  5. Control all your data platform environments: Dev, Test, Prod, etc. Deploy and monitor with ease using ADA functionalities.

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