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Fast Track to No-Code Data Platform

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As part of a six-part series, this blog discusses one aspect of the multiple benefits of using ADA in DataOps development and management processes.

Imagine a map with a pre-chosen destination handed to you. You will most likely find there are multiple routing options to choose from. It would be completely up to you to decide your route, possible detours, and weighing the risks of running into roadblocks while making your way to the destination. Meanwhile, all your friends are individually asked to make their own way to the pre-set destination but departing at different times. Chances are, some of you will choose different routes, an odd few will get lost on the way and at least one will get stuck in traffic.

One of the fundamental impacts of ADA is the shift from individual decision making of hand-coding to structured templates.

ADA builds a highway between the point of origin and the destination – the shortest, fastest, and safest route acknowledged by everyone in transit. Especially in a multi-vendor environment, any customer will find that different service providers will have their own methodology – and furthermore, each individual developer will have their personal touch. While all methodologies are acceptable, the variety of them will leave the customer dealing with plenty of complexity and very little composability.

The structure and pre-defined templates of ADA remove individual or vendor-specific decision making and enable uniformity that is easier for the customer to manage. Furthermore, the potential for human error is greatly reduced. Metaphorically, on the ADA highway it’s close to impossible to take a wrong turn.   

PS. If you would like to dive deeper into the benefits of ADA and care not to wait for further five weeks to discover them all, reach out to our new Director of Sales & Marketing, Heli Lillbacka. We look forward to having a further discussion and delivering a demo